WHAT IS THE SPIRIT OF the antichrist?

Dear children, this world’s last hour has come. You have heard about the antichrist who is coming, the one who is against Christ, and already many such persons have appeared. This makes us all the more certain that the end of the world is near.
I John 2:18 (TLB)

These “against-Christ” people used to be members of our churches, but they never really belonged with us or else they would have stayed. When they left us it proved that they were not of us at all.
I John 2:19 (TLB)

But you are not like that, for The Holy Spirit has come upon you, and you know the truth.
I John 2:20 (TLB)

So I am not writing to you as to those who need to know the truth, but I warn you as those who can discern the difference between true and false.
I John 2:21 (TLB)

And who is the greatest liar? The one who says that Jesus is not Christ. Such a person is antichrist, for he does not believe in God The Father and in His Son.
I John 2:22 (TLB)

For a person who doesn’t believe in Christ, God’s Son, can’t have God The Father either. But he who has Christ, God’s Son, has God The Father also.
I John 2:23 (TLB)

Dearly loved friends, don’t always believe everything your hear just because someone says it is a message from God: test it first to see if it really is. For there are many false teachers around, and the way to find out if their message is from The Holy Spirit is to ask: Does it really agree that ┬áJesus Christ, God’s Son, actually became a man with a human body? If so, then the message is from God.
I John 4:1-2 (TLB)

If not, the message is not from God but from the one who is against Christ, like the “antichrist” you have heard about who is going to come, and his attitude of enmity against Christ is already abroad in the world.
I John 4:3 (TLB)

Beware of false teachers who come disguised as harmless sheep, but are wolves and will tear you apart.
Matthew 7:15 (TLB)

But even if we, or an angel from heaven, should preach to you a gospel contrary to that which we originally preached to you, let him be condemned to destruction!
Galatians 1:8 (AMP)